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Magento 2.2.2 – Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting Powered by Magento Business Intelligence This new, premium feature provides admin access to order, product, and customer reports reports (more information on Advanced Reporting available here). This advanced reporting feature is provided through...

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Magento Standard Contact Form Not Working + SSL

What's the problem? Contact page, using the standard Magento contact form, doesn't sent email. Solution: The first, check settings within:  System > Configuration > Mail Sending Settings. Next, go to appdesignfrontenddefaultsm_themetemplatecontactsform.phtml and...

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Disabling Compilation via FTP/File Manager

More often than not, installation of extensions with Compilation Mode enabled will break your site. You cannot view the front-end or the back-end. In this scenario, the only solution is to disable Compilation Mode to get the site back to normal state. Connect to...

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Magento 1.9 + Inline Translations

If you need to relabel a default magento feature or a 3rd party extension, the Inline Translation tool can be very useful. In this particular example, I have an extension that allows users to shop by brand, but I need all references of ‘brand’ replaced by ‘range’. The...

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Qty uses decimals + RWD Theme

When setting the ‘Qty uses decimals’ product field to ‘yes’, and trying it out on the front-end of a website, I came across this message: This is because whilst Magento 1.9 supports decimal quantities,  the standard ‘RWD’ theme does not! To get around this, you need...

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